Children's Ministry

JK- Grade 2



September 9th 2018 marked the launch Sunday of our BRAND NEW CHILDREN'S MINISTRY!!!!!! (yes we are still that excited) 

The children grades JK- Grade 2 will enjoy worship in the sanctuary Sunday mornings with their families, after which they will be dismissed to head back to a program designed to disciple them in developing their own faith and understanding of God and Scriptures. So basically think of all the reasons that you come to church and then package them in a fun and understandable way for little people - that is what we are talking about!

The first Sunday of every month is communion Sunday and we feel that this is an important moment for all our church family to be together, so children will stay in the service with their parents where they will be provided with an activity bag full of things to keep them occupied quietly once worship is finished; as well as an age appropriate sermon worksheet allowing the kids to follow along with the same message as everyone else.

Stay tuned because we are confident as this ministry gets established and grows there are more great things for Children at Newcastle Pentecostal Church coming our way!