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Annual Buisness Meetings are a great opportunity to review the past year's ministries and finances so that we can see and celebrate not only the goodness and provision of God in the year gone by but ALSO to look at the launch pad we have heading into a new year in anticipation of great things to come. 

This meeting is open for attendance to everyone but please note a voting bar will be created and established in accordance with our Local Church Constitution where by the 'business' will be conducted by people holding partnership only. If that leaves you asking why you should come if you don't hold partnership...well the answer is easy - if you call Newcastle Pentecostal Church your 'home church' or you are thinking about doing so its a great opporunity to find out about all the moving pieces you don't see on Sunday Morning, to hear about the level of intentionality behind it all and to be 'in the loop' so to speak as we go forward into a new year and new vision.