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Exploring Lifes Biggest Questions; Have you ever there more to life than this? 

We invite the entire NPC Family to join together for the ALPHA ONLINE experience beginning

Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m.  

This will give us an opportunity for great conversation and discussion and prepare us to encourage and invite others to gather in a space and a culture where people are excited to bring their friends for 

a conversation about Jesus.

Many Christians see evangelism;
sharing their God story, 
as uncomfortable, unnatural or only for a
select few experts.

In fact, a recent Angus Reid study showed 
only 29% of religiously committed people in Canada view this positively.

80% of guests attend Alpha because of a personal invitation from someone they know. And they keep attending because of the relationships that develop during Alpha.

Evangelism is always relational and not just informational. This relational dimension of Alpha is what speaks loudest to a culture that suffers from increasing feelings of loneliness and social isolation, where the primary question is no longer “What do I believe?” but “Where do I belong?”

Alpha helps us have the conversation with the people we care for,
about the person we care most about; Jesus! 

Let's trust God as we learn and grow together.