I'm New

What to Expect

What time should I come?

If you are planning to join us online or in person, our Sunday gathering begins at 10:30.   We have a relaxed atmosphere, so come early; feel free to bring a coffee with you or join us after the gathering for coffee together.

What Should I wear?

Our church ranges anywhere from business dress to jeans and a T-shirt; we want people to be comfortable, and we are aware that for each of us, that can look differently.

What is the music like?

Our music usually consists of vocals, piano, drums, and guitar. It changes on any given Sunday in style, but we attempt to mix more traditional hymns alongside more contemporary choruses.

What is the atmosphere?

We are a group of people who love God and love each other. Sunday mornings are a welcoming family environment, and by the family, we mean people choosing to be open and inclusive of others.

Can I bring my coffee in?

Is there really any need for such a question...of course you can!